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“Taylor Swift’s Red Tour is a compelling spectacle and the multi-millionaire is a genuine talent and an adroit lyricist (…) Taylor might have been subjected to some spiteful barbs for losing out (and head-banging to “All Too Well”, which she does again here) at the Grammy’s and she’s under an intense media glare for her famous exes (Harry Styles, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal etc) but what’s obvious is that Swift is a gifted musician. She plays the banjo, guitar and piano for pity’s sake. She is “so money” as Vince Vaughn’s Trent would say in Swingers.
Swift, despite losing out at the Grammy’s, is clearly at the top of her game and could well be at the pinnacle of her fame, which is always an intoxicating thing to witness. Her time is now.” Taylor Swift, gig review: ‘Overblown pop from a genuine talent (via tayswiftdotcom)
“Unquestionably the most popular pop star on the planet, Taylor Swift brought her all-conquering, all-singing-and-dancing, almighty Red tour to the O2 over the weekend. Those who wondered why the 24-year-old, Nashville-based, Pennsylvania-born stockbroker’s daughter has eclipsed Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and the rest need wonder no more (…) with more than 35 million Twitter followers and having sold 75 million song downloads in addition to her 26 million albums, she is the consummate 21st-century star and, featuring a dozen dancers, more fireworks than Katy Perry and two hydraulic stages, Red is the consummate 21st-century event.” Taylor Swift brings her almighty Red tour to London’s O2 - music review (via tayswiftdotcom)

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May God Smile On My Big Brother. :)

There’s a Hindi proverb that goes like, “Help your brother’s boat across, and your own will reach the shore.”

That proverb has kind of always seemed a little dumb for me; all my life, my brother has done invaluable sacrifices to clear a path for me to travel in life, constantly removing my obstacles and barriers for me, and never even once asked anything of me. Not even that I do well in an exam, or win any prizes of sorts. And he especially never asked that I do anything for him in return of what he was doing for me. So, it was so that I was baffled about a proverb that advices someone to help make his brother’s dreams come true so that his own can be fulfilled. I was baffled by it, until very recently, when my brother announced his candidacy in the upcoming Local Council Elections for Th. Hirilandhoo (my home island) Council.

Ever since I heard of that, I’ve been undoubtedly rooting for him. I want him to win a seat in the local council so bad that I really would do my ability’s best to support his candidacy. And that’s when I realized that us brothers, we travel on the same boat. Bound by blood and love and a mutual admiration, we carry on helping each other’s boat across, when it is the same boat as yours; the same boat but with different dreams on your side and his. And ever since I can remember he has done countless things to help me get my boat across. And for those invaluable sacrifices themselves, he deserves all the votes that I am ever going to cast in the entirety of my lifetime. And I am going to give my all to help him reach the shore. My love and support is with him, wherever he goes in life. Because frankly, to see him reach there and to know that I had a hand in it would bring me a pleasure that having my own dreams fulfilled cannot bring. This pleasure is what I hope I have given him from the little victories he has helped me achieve in life.

But of course, it would be selfish and utterly pointless to ask all the eligible voters of my island to vote for him just because he made personal sacrifices for me and my family’s sake. But I do not ask for anyone’s vote because of the brother he is to me. I ask for everyone’s vote for him, because of the countless, and often unconditional things he has already done for our little community.

Let’s take for example, education: over the course of every year since 2007, in the Cambridge O’ level exams that our Hirilandhoo School’s 10th graders take part in every year, Accounting has brought the most “A” grades and best overall results from students. And this, I dare say, is largely due in part to my brother’s spot on predictions of the exams. His gift has, In Sha Allah, continuously surprised students pleasantly, astounding them beyond words, and hence bringing glorious results from most students. And it’s worth noting that he has done this throughout the years without being the official accounting teacher at our school. So, as his younger brother, I have no doubt that given the opportunity to lead our community as a council member, he will find better ways to utilize his gift on students, and bring positive improvements to our school, where he works at currently.

But the area where his passion truly lies is most probably youth development and sports. There is that old saying that the future of every country, every community is its young generation, and my brother has undoubtedly played a crucial part in nourishing the young generation of our beloved island. He has done this, as mentioned above, not only in the field of education, but also equally if not more, in the field of sports. Our entire community has a killer spirit for football, as witnessed by the screaming boatful’s of supporters that poured into neighboring islands to see the football matches played by our island football team in the recent Atholhu Mubaaraiy. He has leaded the local football team as their resilient and reliable coach for more than 5 years. He has helped them achieve many victories and proved them worthy of the blood-burning pride of our little community. Furthermore, he has taken an active part in Zuvaanunge Hafthaa competitions, both as a committed judge and as a team participant/leader. His participation has brought us highly competitive and thoroughly entertaining shows, games and other competitions for many years. With this level of active involvement already in things that work for the best interest of our community and youth, he can and will, In Sha Allah, find ways to resolve issues and work for the betterment of our island’s youth and sports. Given the authority to run our community as a qualified and deserving council member, his commitment for the younger generation of our island will not waver but deepen, and he will prove himself worthy of everyone’s votes.

I think it’s also worth noting here that all of the things that I mentioned above are things he has done outside of his actual day job. That proves that my brother is a man who is not held back by the limits of things, that he faces obstacles with wit and courage and finds shining victory in places where his passion lies.

As for the economic aspects of our island, my brother has a deep knowledge of modern economics, and clearly knows applicable economic theories to be put to use to get the best of the resources inside and outside the confines of our home island. As a council member, he will get the opportunity to put his economic and commercial knowledge to practice and it surely doesn’t hurt that my brother has a closely established friendship with most of the businessmen operating in our island. It’s up to you to find where your personal interest lies; fishing, shop-owning businesses, government projects or any other that work to improve our island. My brother will surely put his given opportunity to fruitful use if your generous votes helped him win a seat in the elections.

He has my vote before he can open his mouth to say the word “vote”, but if the lovely people of our island need a reason to vote for him, I hope reading this will give you reasons enough.

My brother is Ali Rasheed. His Candidate Number is 12. Please vote for him; for a better future for our education, for our youth and for our economy. For a better Hirilandhoo, vote for Candidate No. 12, Ali Rasheed. Thank you.

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